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Why Are Tree Trimming Services Necessary?

Why Tree Trimming is Important?

Tree trimming is an essential part of the overall care for the tree. Not only does it ensure an aesthetically balanced tree but also ensures a more structurally balanced tree promoting healthier growth.

Routine trimming also allows for the removal of damaged or diseased limbs that could possibly pose a threat to the overall health of the tree. Most importantly trimming ensures a safer tree, removing limbs that could possibly pose a threat to your property or others

The Benefits of Pruning

Pruning is an excellent method for preventative maintenance for young and mature trees alike. A routine pruning helps your tree develop.

 A well balanced branch structure and an aesthetically pleasing shape. A routine pruning also helps prevent long-term damage from disease or insects since most cases can be spotted early on by a trained professional.

The Best time to Prune Trees

Tree trimming can take place year round, especially in the case of dead or diseased branches that are posing a threat to the tree's overall health. However, the best time for multiple mature limb removals or an abundant amount of trimming would be during the tree's dormant period through the winter months. When having trees pruned during the peak of the tree growing season it’s important to take into consideration the effects that over pruning could have on a young or mature tree.

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