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Sometimes it takes just one good storm to topple what was once a sturdy tree in your yard.
Tree falling on home

Tree falling on a Home

For any reason, whether due to high winds, an ice storm, or a rotted tree simply toppling—can cause extensive structural damage. Immediately get your family out of harm’s way, and then focus on minimizing additional damage and having the damage repaired.
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Prevent further damages

A fallen tree can cause broken windows as well as a hole in your roof or siding; even brick and stone can be damaged by the impact. You could also potentially have damaged gas lines. While gas lines are buried, there’s a chance they could be affected if the tree fell in the area where they enter your home
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Prevent further damage from tree falling on homeTree trimming before and after

Tree Trimming

Depending upon the species of tree, it’s a good idea to have tree trimming done every 3-7 years to thin out the crown (canopy) of your tree. As branches grow, they can direct themselves to rub against other desired branches and create potential points of future decay
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